How To Unlock Glamour & Dyes In Final Fantasy XIV

Get your gear in the best shape it's ever been.

Glamour is the name of the game in Final Fantasy XIV. Nobody will take you seriously if you aren’t dressed to impress, even if that means you’re roaming around the world in some Fat Cat transmogged gear. But, if you’re anything like me, you may have been wondering how everyone is getting such cool gear while you’re roaming the world in the most basic of outfits. You’ve got to unlock the ability to Transmog and Dye your gear, so let’s find out where you’ll need to go to make this happen.

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How To Unlock Glamour Dresser and Dyes in Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock the option to use Glamour, you’ll need to complete the questline given to you by Swyrgeim in Vesper Bay (X:12.7, Y:14.2, Z:0.1.) Vesper Bay is located in Western Thanalan, and can be accessed by the Aetherite Crystal with ease, just head down the shaft and head into the blissful beach town of Vesper Bay after you have Teleported here.

By accepting the “If I Only Had A Glamour” questline, you’ll need to run to a small bar in the nearby vicinity and get a Blood Orange Juice to give Swygeim. Once you have completed this quest, which only takes a few minutes, you’ll unlock the ability to Transmog your clothing. If you have slick armor that doesn’t withstand very much punishment, this is the perfect way to spice it up.

How To Use Glamour On Clothing

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To use Glamour on your armor and clothing, you’ll need to access your character sheet. Once you have opened your inventory, you can right-click or select the item using the Square button on your PlayStation controller. In this new menu, look for ‘Cast Glamour’ and select the item you want to make your current armor look like. After you have done this, you’ll be ready to take the town in your new outfit.

How To Get Dye Option In Final Fantasy XIV

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You can instantly accept this quest so you can knock both out of the park immediately, but to unlock the option to dye clothing, you’ll want to speak with Swygeim again. She’ll task you with getting her some Orange Juice, which costs 7 Gil from the Merchant & Mender located slightly North of her location. Once you purchase the Orange Juice, return to Swygeim again and hand over the item to unlock the ability to dye your clothing.

How To Dye Clothing in Final Fantasy XIV

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Much like applying Glamour, you’ll want to make your way into the Character menu again and select the item that you’re hoping to alter by right-clicking or pressing Square. In this menu, you’ll have the option to select Dye. From here, use any of the dyes that you received from finishing the quest line, or purchase/craft some from materials that you have obtained to give your favorite outfit a fresh new look.

How To Get More Glamour Prisms And Dyes

If you’re hoping to get plenty more Glamour Prisms and Dyes, you’ll have a few options available to get them. You can purchase them directly from other players on the Market Board if you have an active subscription and earn them from your Grand Company that you choose during your Questline, rewards, crafters, and yourself. You’ll need to learn the Glamour Prism crafting recipe to make them yourself.

The same can be said for Dyes, so you can always find the best color options for your character through various methods. Once again, you can get them through the Market Boards, Grand Company, and almost everywhere else. Dye seems more common than Glamour Crystals, so prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure.

No matter if you’re a newbie like me or someone who has been exploring the world of Final Fantasy XIV for quite some time, be sure to check out our section below to get your hands on plenty of excellent content for the game, and get yourself ready for the one of the biggest updates coming to the game in the future.

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