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How to Unlock Eureka Orthos in FFXIV

Deeper into the tower

by Patrick Souza

Deep Dungeons are quite a different experience from regular dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV. In those roguelike-themed duties, players can enter solo or in a party to challenge a randomly generated dungeon with its own leveling system, inventory and other special rules. Eureka Orthos is the newest entry and serves as the Level 90 iteration for these endurance tests.

This new dungeon was introduced in Patch 6.35, and there are tons of unique rewards, such as mounts, minions and hairstyles that can only be obtained by exploring each and every one of its 100 floors. But first, we need to unlock it, and here’s how you can do that in FFXIV.

How to Unlock the Eureka Orthos Deep Dungeon in FFXIV

Before unlocking Eureka Orthos, you need to complete the “Endwalker” main scenario quest (basically completing the expansion) and have cleared Floor 50 of the Palace of the Dead at least once. Once you’ve done that, head to Mor Dhona and speak with Koh Rabntah in (X:21.8, Y:8.1) to get the Delve into Myth sidequest.

Once you complete this fairly easy quest, you’ll get access to the deep dungeon by speaking with Khatun and creating your Save File to enter alone or with a group. If you enjoy this kind of content, you’ll immediately feel at home as the rules are basically the same. Eureka Orthos resembles the Palace of the Dead in visuals but is much more like Heaven-on-High system-wise.

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You start at floor 1 at Level 81, and progressively level up as you defeat monsters and climb your way to the top. Your weapon and armor also level up by opening certain Treasure Chests, increasing your Aetherpool level. You’ll be equipped with a special weapon that can later be turned into Glamour by sacrificing some of your Aetherpool at the dungeon’s entrance.

Floors are separated in packs of 10, with the only fixed rooms being the bosses at the end of them. Defeating the third boss concludes the base story for Eureka Orthos and unlocks the Rage Extinguished quest.

Eureka Orthos Rewards and Prizes

Prizes here are pretty much the same as other Deep Dungeons, but not less valuable in any way as they’re still unique. You should be used to the Accursed Horde that appeared in other DDs, obtained from certain monsters and from treasure chests. Those can be examined by Valeirone and give you random prizes that range from hairstyles, mounts and minions. Higher floors drop higher-leveled Accursed Hordes, which means better/rarer drops.

As mentioned before, you can also keep your aetherpool weapon by sacrificing some of your weapon levels in Orthos. You can always grind it later again, so don’t worry.

Also, completing Floor 30 allows you to reenter Floors 21-30 immediately to grind for prizes and Experience, and is another efficient way of quickly getting a job from 81 to 90, especially when leveling a DPS, as the queue should be faster in Orthos than for a regular dungeon. 

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