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How to Unlock the Deadpool Skin in Fortnite

by Ginny Woo

Fancy yourself a fashion connoisseur in Fortnite? Or even maybe you’re just a simple superhero fan? Either way, there should be something for you to be happy about. Yes, you can unlock the Deadpool skin in Fortnite so let us show you how.

How to Unlock the Deadpool Skin in Fortnite

So, you want to unlock the Deadpool skin in Fortnite, huh? Well, it does look pretty cool. We don’t blame you at all. On the backs of the Travis Scott skin leak that hit the game, there’s clearly a hell of a lot to look forward to if you’re someone who loves primping and preening in the game. The Deadpool skin is technically a celebrity skin if we’re talking about the hero being infamous! However, you’re here because you want to know one thing – how to actually get this skin so that you can kill them dead (this is going to be a whole bunch of puns and we’re only going to apologize for this once). 

If you’re after the Deadpool skin, there are a couple of steps to crack through:

  1. Own the Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass
  2. Finish every Deadpool challenge to date

If you’re not quite sure where you can find a list of Deadpool’s weekly challenges (they’re not technically in their own tab), you can do so by navigating to the Fortnite HQ tab from the Battle Pass screen. On that screen, click on the rather conspicuous vent and you’ll be able to access Deadpool’s hideout from there. We’ve listed out the challenges that have to be completed below so that you know what you have to keep track of to be eligible to own this particular costume:

  • Find Deadpool’s Milk and Chimichangas around HQ
  • Find Deadpool’s Plunger and Destroy Toilets
  • Find Deadpool’s Katanas
  • Find Deadpool’s Stuffed Unicorn and Visit 5 Colored Bridges
  • Find Deadpool’s Big Black Marker and Deface GHOST or SHADOW posters
  • Find Deadpool’s 2 Pistols

After you’ve completed all of the above, you’re going to have to head into a phone booth a la classic undercover hero style and you’ll pop out as the indomitable Deadpool. Cool, right? Now that you have our guide on how to unlock the Deadpool skin in Fortnite, you too can look your absolute Wade Wilson best when you’re cracking people’s skulls and crafting impenetrable fortresses. Need a hand with anything else in Fortnite? Why not pop on over to our dedicated guides hub for the game where we’ve assembled a bunch of tips and tricks for players of all skill levels?

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