Fortnite Helicopter Locations Guide – Where to find all Choppas in Fortnite

Check out all of the locations where you can find a helicopter in Fortnite.

Helicopters, known as Choppas, were a dramatic change for Fortnite when they were first introduced in Chapter 2. Now that we are in Chapter 3, they have once again returned. With IO and The Seven going to war all over the map, Helicopters in Fortnite give you a quick and safe way to travel. Below, you can find all the Helicopter locations for Chapter 3, Season 2.

Fortnite Helicopter Locations

There are a total of six different locations spread across the map of the Battle Royale game, where a helicopter can be found.

  • To the northwest of Logjam Lumberyard
  • West of the Command Cavern
  • Southwest of Greasy Grove
  • Northeast of The Daily Bugle
  • East of Sanctuary
  • South of Condo Canyon

A total of five players can be in the Choppa at once, with one piloting the vehicle and four riding on the sides of it, meaning that you can have an entire squad with you ready to rain fire down upon your enemies when you are using the new Choppa vehicle. The best thing about the Choppa is just being able to get around the map so quickly. In a Squads game, you can always get to the best possible location in any storm circle. You may need to prepare to take out enemy helicopters to maintain your dominance, however.

Where it gets dangerous is if you take too much damage and need to bail out. You won’t be able to pop your glider, so you better be over water, or else get low enough to the ground where it won’t be a problem.

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