Players now can find a new helicopter vehicle in Fortnite and take to the skies to defeat their enemies and secure that precious Victory Royale. There are multiple locations where players can find a helicopter and use it for their battles. Fortunately, we have all of these particular locations covered for you. 

Fortnite Helicopter Locations

There are a total of 11 different locations spread across the map of the Battle Royale game, where a helicopter can be found.

A helicopter landing pad will be at each one of these locations, so you will know exactly where to find this vehicle and not have too much trouble finding it when you are in its vicinity. However, due to the vehicle being brand new, there are sure to be plenty of other players wanting to use it in their matches. With this in mind, players should expect to see massive resistance in these areas and will likely need to be ready for a fight. 

A total of five players can be in the Choppa at once, with one piloting the vehicle and four riding on the sides of it, meaning that you can have an entire squad with you ready to rain fire down upon your enemies when you are using the new Choppa vehicle. 

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