How to Unlock Accursed Touch in Diablo 4

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Vampiric Powers are the bred and bloody butter of Diablo 4’s Season 2. And while you can unlock most of these powers with Potent Blood, for other powers, you’ll have to jump through a few different hoops.

Here’s how to get the Vampiric Power Accursed Touch in Diablo 4.

How to Get the Vampiric Power Accursed Touch in Diablo 4

Accursed Touch is an interesting ability that allows players to inflict the Vampiric Curse on foes. Vampiric Curse causes you to store up defeated enemy souls, which can then be unleashed to attack nearby enemies for damage.

But how do you add this unique Vampiric Power to your Sanguine Circle? Easily! To grab the Accursed Touch, go to the Hunter’s Acclaim Board in most towns to claim it.

The Hunter’s Acclaim Board is a new feature added in Season 2. This board tracks the amount of Hunter’s Acclaim you gain as you kill enemies and complete activities in Blood Harvests. Hunter’s Acclaim functions as experience points. The more Hunter’s Acclaim you have, the higher tier you’ll reach in the Hunter’s Acclaim board.

Once you’ve gathered enough Hunter’s Acclaim to reach Tier IX in the Hunter’s Acclaim Board, you can then claim the Accursed Touch. From there, you can equip the Accursed Touch in your Sanguine Circle, which can be found in your character’s inventory.

If you’re struggling to find a Hunter’s Acclaim Board, examine the map of the city you’re in closely. The icon should include a green leaf, which indicates seasonal content. However, it’s worth noting that some towns don’t have a Hunter’s Acclaim Board. However, large cities will always have one available.

As for what the Accursed Touch does, at level one, you can expect the following abilities:

Accursed Touch:

  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 22.0% chance to inflict Vampiric Curse on enemies. Afflicted enemies have a 15% chance to spread it to other enemies.
  • Vampiric Curse’s stored souls deal 100.0% increased damage.

Killing an enemy affected by your Vampiric Curse stores their soul. Casting a Defensive, Macabre, or Agility Skill will unleash stored souls to attack nearby enemies. You can hold up to 8 souls.

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