How to Increase Hunter’s Acclaim in Diablo 4

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Hunter's Acclaim Diablo 4
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The Hunter’s Acclaim Board is a small reward system in Diablo 4 Season 2 that allows you to claim new rewards for taking part in the main Season of Blood event. When you approach the board, you can see plenty of rewards, but you need to increase your acclaim before you get any loot. Here’s how to increase Hunter’s Acclaim in Diablo 4.

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How to Earn Hunter’s Acclaim in Diablo 4

To get more Hunter’s Acclaim, you need to kill enemies inside the Blood Harvest events around Sanctuary. Blood Harvests are a seasonal activity that spawns in different regions of the map. They last for about an hour and take place in much smaller sections when compared to the Helltides from World Tier 3 and above.

Unlike Helltides, the Blood Harvests are always active. When one ends another will immediately begin in another section of the map. Make sure to change locations and start slaying enemies in all corners of the region marked in blue. Each beast or vampire has the chance to give you Hunter’s Acclaim when you hunt them down.

The amount of Hunter’s Acclaim you earn can change depending on the difficulty of the enemy. So lesser thralls will give you up to two acclaim while taking down massive Blood Seekers will give you far more. In other words, I would suggest chasing down any World Events in the Blood Harvest and killing any major monsters you see.

After plenty of time killing monsters in the Blood Harvest, you will continue to increase your Hunter’s Acclaim tier. There are 18 tiers on the board and each one has its own reward tied to equipment in the Season of Blood. The later tiers have some powerful gear opportunities so make sure you take part in Blood Harvests when you can.

While you’re farming acclaim, make sure you know where to get Seeker Keys in Diablo 4 for more loot.

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