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Seeker Key Diablo 4
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In Season 2 of Diablo 4 there is a new version of the Helltide event called the Blood Harvest, and much like the tides, there are chests that require items in the form of a Seeker Key. Both of the events are similar, but the vampire version has a bit more depth and I’m here to help you get some keys.

Where to Find Seeker Keys in Diablo 4

You can get Seeker Keys by killing vampires in Blood Harvest events that are specifically marked with “Seeker” titles. Sometimes you can find Blood Seekers as you explore the Blood Harvest area marked in blue. And if you don’t feel like relying on luck to get the keys you need, then there is a ritual to summon these vampires as well.

Within the Blood Harvest location, there are multiple chalice icons that designate a “Sanguine Ritual” event. To initiate one of these challenges, you can spend 15 Blood Lures. The Lures drop just by killing enemies in the harvest, so just grind until you have what you need. World Events in the vicinity will speed up the process.

Any time you use a Sanguine Ritual, at least two Blood Seekers will appear. This is the best way to get Seeker Keys in Diablo 4 by a long shot. The basic loop is to farm Blood Lures, get the attention of smaller Blood Seekers for a chance at a Seeker Key, and then initiate the Sanguine Ritual for even more loot.

When you have the keys you want, you can look for chest icons around the Blood Harvest area. Each one of the Seeker Caches will require at least one key. I’ve opened multiple and the main benefit seems to be the Pact items used for Vampiric Powers. Of course, there are armor pieces and weapons that drop as well.

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