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How to Unlock Ability Upgrades from Master Argus in Shovel Knight Dig

A rootin' tootin' time for uprootin'.

by Matt Vatankhah
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Ever wish Yacht Club Games’ beloved Shovel Knight had some rougelike elements thrown in? Enter Shovel Knight Dig – a brand new adventure that introduces ever-changing chasms of mystery and treasure for our little blue digging enthusiast. In Shovel Knight Dig, you’ll unlock plenty of relics and accessories to help power you up and progress through the many different lairs of the underworld – some temporary while others permanent (until you die). Master Argus, a large, undead skeletal knight, is an NPC that offers you permanent ability upgrades should you find him down under. Though, there’s plenty more to uncover than you’d think. Read on to learn how to unlock even more ability upgrades from Master Argus in Shovel Knight Dig.

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Encountering Master Argus in Shovel Knight Dig

Screenshot by Prima Games

You may stumble upon Master Argus during one of your spelunking adventures before you realize, and he’ll already offer you select ability upgrades in exchange for some precious gems. Once you’ve spoken to him, he’ll mention his tomb being etched with feats of shovelry, but where could you possible find a gravestone in such a massive maze of chasms?

Back on the surface, silly.

Uprooting Master Argus’ Gravestone in Shovel Knight Dig

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On the surface, head left from the hole that you’d normally start a playthrough in. You’ll pass various NPCs setting up camp and, near the left-most edge of the area, three raised ledges that you can hop on. Jump on the tallest ledge and start swinging your trusty shovel to begin uprooting a tomb.

Once the gravestone is fully revealed, Master Argus will stick his arm out from beneath the surface and speak to you. Spooky! Examine his gravestone to reveal a list of new challenges, named Master Argus’ Tests, that you can try to accomplish while down below. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill challenges, either, and they’ll require some concentration and dedication to complete, like:

  • Completing a stage without jumping.
  • Digging 100 times in a row without stopping.
  • Shovel dropping on 5 different enemies without touching the ground.
Screenshot by Prima Games

If you’ve got what it takes, you’ll unlock even more Ability Upgrades for sale in Master Argus’ shop, giving you a greater chance of victory while you journey to find your lost bag of gems.

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