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How to Turn Proximity Voice Chat On and Off in Sons of the Forest

*kshhh* Bring some logs on the way back to base *kshhh* over *kshhh* Roger! *kshhh* My name is not Roger. *kshhh* over *kshhh*

by Nikola L
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The craze around Sons of the Forest isn’t settling at all, and many players are going ham over the spiritual successor of The Forest that the community of gamers, streamers, and Let’s Players loved. However, if you are playing with your friends (or on public servers) you have probably noticed the absence of voice chat settings in the game in both the controls and the audio sections. So, does Sons of the Forest have a Proximity Voice Chat function, and how can you turn it on and off? Prima Games is ready to tell you all about it.

How to Enable (Turn on) Proximity Voice Chat in Sons of the Forest

The Proximity Voice Chat in Sons of the Forest doesn’t really exist at this point (Early Access, February 28, 2023). However, the manner in which Voice Chat exists in Sons of the Forests is unorthodox by today’s standards.

When you are playing co-op multiplayer (not possible in single-player for obvious reasons) you can press your walkie-talkie key (Default: T) and a walkie-talkie will become equipped in your left hand. Now, you will be able to talk to other people on your server, and they will be able to hear it on their walkie-talkies.

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How to Disable (Turn off) Proximity Voice chat in Sons of the Forest

If you want to stop talking, press T to holster your walkie-talkie. However, you will still receive walkie-talkie communication from other people on the server. We haven’t figured out a way to disable it yet.

For various reasons, this method of communication might not be as effective as Discord, Teamspeak, or even Ventrilo, but for those people who want to be fully immersed in the Sons of the Forest experience (the way developers intended it), sure, go for it.

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