How to Turn Off Motion Blur in Final Fantasy XVI

It can finally be turned off completely

How to Turn Off Motion Blur in Final Fantasy XVI

Motion blur – an effect that sometimes makes faster animations look more realistic, but because of its overuse, has become despised by a large number of players. Final Fantasy XVI is a very good-looking game, but it is also motion blur-heavy. Ever since its release, players have been looking for a way to reduce this sometimes very annoying effect, which was not entirely possible because there was no option for it.

However, almost three weeks after the game’s release, PlayStation 5 players can now finally turn off this effect completely! Let’s find out how to turn off motion blur in Final Fantasy XVI.

How to Completely Turn Off Motion Blur in FFXVI (FF16)

Update 1.03, which was released on July 6, finally added the ability to completely turn off the Motion Blur effect. So, to turn off Motion Blur in Final Fantasy XVI once and for all do the following:

  1. Be sure that your game is up to date if needed press the options button on the game card and select “Check for update”.
  2. Once the game is updated to 1.03, start it and from the main menu go to “Config“.
  3. User R1 to navigate to the Graphics Settings tab.
  4. Notice the newly added Motion Blur slider at the bottom of the list.
  5. The default value of Motion Blur is 5, to turn it off completely move the slider to 0.
Image source: Square Enix / Prima Games

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Once you get into the game, test this setting by rotating the camera around Clive while standing still and notice how much smoother the animation looks now. Using Frame Rate mode in combination with the Motion Blur completely turned off will make battles look even more fluid and give you more chances to actually see what is going on.

If you want to experiment, you can add a little bit of Motion Blur, a minimal setting of 1 to 2 on the Motion Blur slider should be enough if you still want a little bit of this effect.

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