All Missable Quests in Final Fantasy 16 Listed (FFXVI)

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Missable Quests Final Fantasy 16
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As you continue Clive’s story in Final Fantasy 16, you will encounter plenty of sidequests, but they won’t be around forever. There is a point in the main story where a time jump happens, and that means all unfinished sidequests will be impossible to complete, and I have the full list for any of you completionists out there. Here are all missable quests in Final Fantasy 16.

Are There Missable Quests in Final Fantasy 16?

There are 12 missable quests in Final Fantasy XVI that are all present in the first section of the game. Until the time jumps later on in the story, there are two main regions that I was able to explore for more quests. Both the Imperial Province of Rosaria and The Holy Empire of Sanbreque make up most of the explorable land. All of the missable sidequests can be found listed below.

All Missable Quests in Final Fantasy XVI:

  • Playthings
  • Friend of the People
  • All Bark
  • Dying on the Vine
  • Welcoming Committee
  • Pride Comes Before a Fall
  • The Want Beyond the Wall
  • Beast Against Beast
  • False Friends
  • What a Bird Wants
  • While the Cat’s Away
  • Crystalline Lifeline

Each of these quests will be marked on the map in Final Fantasy 16, so it’s hard to miss them if you plan of completing every quest in the game. What you need to look out for, though, is a certain main story mission. As soon as you reach “The Crystal’s Curse” quest with Cid, you will get a prompt for a point of no return. This quest brings you to a Mothercrytal and has huge implications for the story.

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When you reach that point, you have one last chance to turn back and complete all 12 of the missable quests. But if you don’t, you aren’t losing much. Sure, some rewards will go missing, and that can be frustrating for a completionist. However, the rewards aren’t too great.

Once you finally get past the time jump, make sure to check out our guide on how to use the Hunt Board in FFXVI.

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