How to Use the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

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If you’ve played a Final Fantasy title before now, you’ll recognize that certain tropes return game after game. Well, a holdover from the critically-acclaimed MMO with a free trial spanning the entirety of its first expansion, Heavensward, Final Fantasy XIV is no exception. The Hunt Board, used in XIV to task players with hunting down a variety of beasts for rewards, returns in Final Fantasy XVI. Here’s how it works:

How to Unlock the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16

Keeping things as spoiler-free as possible, the Hunt Board unlocks shortly after you complete the second act of the game. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry – it’s impossible to miss. Just be aware that if you haven’t yet traveled to a new Hideaway, you still have some ways to go.

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How to Use the Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16

The Hunt Board is deceptively hands-off, as using it requires only talking to the Moogle, Nektar, located in Hideaway. When you do this, inquire about the Hunt Board, and he’ll show you a list of active targets for you to locate.

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Make sure you carefully read the descriptions of each beast to find their location, which is usually hinted at or outright explained in their entry. Often, you’ll have to do a little exploring to find them in the wild – there’s no map marker for active bounties.

Hunts can be quite challenging, so if you’re struggling it might be best to come back later when you’re a little more powerful. Keep in mind also that some materials rewarded from hunts (denoted by a Moogle icon) are required for crafting gear and weapons.

If you’re having trouble finding your targets, don’t worry! We have plenty of Hunt guides right here at Prima.

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