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How to Throw in Atomic Heart

The ultimate weapon: a piece of trash you found on the floor

by Daphne Fama
Atomic Heart Mini Boss Battle

The neat, futuristic glove strapped to P-3’s hand does more than talk to you: it throws things too. And not… with physical force, like a normal hand, though that would be more efficient. Through the power of science, you can make something levitate and then chuck it. Here’s how to throw in Atomic Heart.

How to Throw in Atomic Heart

Sergey is a Major in the USSR and for some reason he’s extremely reliant on Charles, his talking glove. And yeah, Charles is pretty cool. He’s a lore-dispenser, tutorial aid, and the reason why you can shock, freeze, and use telekinesis.

It’s telekinesis that usually stumps people, and that’s for good reason. It’s the one ability that doesn’t have a simple label and it’s quite easy to click through its brief tutorial when you first arrive at the facility.

To throw in Atomic Heart, look at the object you want to pick up. Press the interact button to pick it up, then hold the interact button and you’ll get a bit of a rumble shake. When you feel that shake, it means you’re prepared to throw the object to its fullest distance.

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Let go of the interact button in the direction you want the object to go, and it will either fall depressingly to the earth if it’s too heavy or shoot off if it’s light enough. Using telekinesis in this way is great to take down Dandelion security cameras or to be a jerk at the robots who want to kill you.

But it leaves the question: why doesn’t Sergey just pick up the object like normal and chuck it? He’s a soldier, right? And if we’re to take Nora’s word for it, he’s a beefcake to boot. We can only assume that Charles doesn’t like to get his hand dirty (ba-dum-tiss).  

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