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How to Save in Atomic Heart

Save yourself from the horrors that await you.

by Shawn Robinson
Atomic Heart Save Station

Atomic Heart might be a non-stop ride that makes you want to keep playing more, but for 99% of us, playing it in a single sitting just doesn’t sound like much fun. Playing it in multiple sessions over longer periods lets you savor the experience that much more, though to do so you’ll need to know when and how you can save the game. Here’s how to save in Atomic Heart.

When Does the Game Save in Atomic Heart?

There are two methods of saving in Atomic Heart, with one being controlled by you and one as an automatic save. For the automatic saves, these tend to happen after key narrative moments or just before any of the game’s many boss battles. The controlled saves come the way of automatic save stations dotted all across Facility 3826. These could be outside in random places or within the Breakrooms you find in the underground sections of the game. You’ll know they’re save stations as they look like red telephone booths of sorts.

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If you’re on the hunt for one of these stations, the best way to do so is to head down the path of the main quest. In most cases, you’ll find a save station somewhere along the path and can save to your heart’s content. If you recall a save station you passed by recently, you can also head back there and save safely. You may have to redo a small section, but provided it’s quick enough, it may just be worth it.

Saving in Atomic Heart might be a little funky, but it’s easy enough once you know what you’re looking for. Just be careful as you only have so many save slots (though they can be overridden). Now go out there are save yourself from the horrors that inhabit this facility, perhaps with a Kalash AK-47.

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