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How to Taunt in MultiVersus

Nothing like some cheeky sportsmanship in a fighting game.

by Nikola L
Multiversus 1v1 friends

Emotes are a common thing in games today – taunt being one of them, of course. Why wouldn’t you want to rub salt in your opponent’s wounds after doing a sick combo? What’s there not to like – and that’s why you have opened this article, correct? A bit of cheesiness never harmed anyone. MultiVersus has taunts, and there is an easy way to “deploy” them during combat. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is The Default Button for Taunt in MultiVersus?

Depending on whether you’re using the old-fashioned keyboard and mouse or a controller, you’ll have different defaults for the taunts.

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On PC, the default taunt key is T (or 1), with three more taunts available on 2, 3, and 4. However, you will need to buy additional taunts if you wish to fill in these slots. On the gamepad, pressing UP on D-Pad produces a taunt. For the other three taunts, you should go clockwise on your D-Pad (as seen in the screenshot above). You can change the keybindings so that they fit your habits more within the game settings so play around with that as you see fit.

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Additional Taunts can only be bought with real money. MultiVersus is free-to-play with optional microtransactions so it’s up to you whether you want to splash your cash or not. However, we wouldn’t prioritize buying Taunts.

In the end, there’s just so much going on on-screen during a match (especially in 2v2 fights) that you might not even get the time to fully deploy your Taunt animation until it wraps up so make sure you bear that in mind when deciding whether to buy one or not.

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