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What Does Toast Do in MultiVersus? – Answered

by Nikola Pajtic

MultiVersus is the newest platform fighter developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. The Super Smash Bros-like game brings characters from various franchises like Game of Thrones, Scooby Doo, DC Universe, and others. It has a unique currency, Toast, which can’t be used to buy things. So, what exactly is Toast and what does it do in MultiVersus?

What is Toast in MultiVersus? 

MultiVersus comes with three in-game currencies: Gold, Gleamium, and Toast. While Gold and Gleamium are used to buy characters and items in the game, Toast is a currency that you give to someone – an opponent or a teammate – or receive from someone else after a battle is over. 

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It is primarily given to another player as a sign of a good fight and respect. Once you award the player with a Toast, they will also get additional 25 gold. 

How to Get Toast in MultiVersus

Here’s how to earn Toast in the game:

  • Unlock Battle Pass Rewards – Battle Pass rewards include Toasts. You will need to complete daily quests and seasonal milestones them.
  • Reach Level 3 With a Character – You will earn five Toasts if you reach level 3 with any character. Luckily, this is done rather quickly as you need only to win three matches. 
  • Buying Toasts – You can always purchase Toasts with gold. However, they are not that inexpensive as 10 Toasts will set you back for 350 Gold. 

You can earn back 250 Gold if 10 players award you with Toast. 

How to Give Toast to Another MultiVersus Player

The game doesn’t teach you how to award someone with Toast, but it is relatively easy. 

Source: YouTube

To be able to give someone Toast, you need to complete the best-of-three match-up. Once the fight is done and the aftermatch screen appears, wait for a Toast to pop up above the head of the winner. Then simply click on ‘Give Toast’. 

Toast is a reference to Mortal Kombat, in which you can hear the voice of Dan Forden singing the word ‘Toasty’ after you have showcased a great skill, such as kicking your opponent on the chin.

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