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How to Get Gold in MultiVersus: Gold Farming Guide

It's either that or e-begging for Gleamium.

by Lucas White

MultiVersus is a surprisingly solid platform fighter featuring a wide variety of Warner Bros. characters. Of course, this is also a free-to-play game, meaning if you want to use those characters, you have to pay for ’em. Luckily there’s a free rotation group, and you can fill out the roster over time with in-game money. Gold is certainly harder to get than simply paying for Gleamium, but you’re gonna play MultiVersus anyway, right? Here’s how to get gold fast as of the Open Beta.

MultiVersus Gold Farming Tips

At the moment, there’s only one “trick” of sorts to farm gold, and frankly, it sucks. But we’ll get into that in a moment. First, we gotta set the table. To unlock characters, you’ll need to spend at least 2,000 Gold, and sometimes up to 3,000. That can take a while (although it isn’t terrible, honestly) but you get a little boost when you first start MultiVersus. You have “Starter Missions,” which basically toss you through the tutorial and give you a smidge over 2,000 Gold. So you get to pick a character to have unlocked.

After that, you get Gold through specific triggers. There’s leveling up your player rank, leveling up your characters, leveling up the free and premium Battle Pass, playing matches, winning matches, and Toast. There’s a Gold bonus for winning your first match of the day, but otherwise, you’re not really able to modify the rates.

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However! There is a scheme you can take part in with a friend. It’s basically a boosting tactic, but if you play quick rounds with your friend and Toast each other after every match, that’s an easy 20 Gold bonus for each fight. If you don’t want to just 1v1 your friend over and over and never improve, you can go into Teams mode and just keep up the Toasting. Then it’s less of a waste.

Besides that, the other best way to speed up your Gold income is to play different characters! Take advantage of the free rotation and get those mastery levels up. If you move around the roster instead of sticking to a main, you’ll get a decent amount of extra Gold.

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Otherwise, just play the game. The gold rate really isn’t that terrible if you’re just playing normally and making your way through the Battle Pass. Frankly, it took longer to unlock characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 back on the Dreamcast, and that game was retail!

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