How to Switch Ships in Starfield

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Throughout your journey in Starfield, you’re bound to pick up some new ships. Whether you steal them or purchase them is up to you, and we won’t judge. But you’ll undoubtedly need to switch between them depending on the job. Here’s how to switch between ships in Starfield.

How to Choose Your Home Ship in Starfield

To switch ships in Starfield, you will need to talk to the Ship Services Technician found at most spaceports in a major city like New Atlantis and Mars.

  1. Choose the “I’d like to view and modify my ships.” option to open up the ship menu.
  2. Press Q or T (on PC) to find the desired ship.
  3. Tap the H key on the keyboard or the Start button on the controller to select “Make Home Ship.”
  4. This will set the ship to become your main ship for now.

You can swap this anytime by talking to the Ship Services Technician again.

The ship technician.
Screenshot by Prima Games

We did this at the city Neon’s Landing Pad on the Volii planet, but any other city planet will work. As long as the place your landing has a dedicated landing pad, you’ll find a ship technician nearby.

The ship customization menu.

You can also talk to the technician to repair your ship, purchase parts, and buy new ships if you’re looking for a new ride.

When Should You Change Your Ship in Starfield

You should change your ship based on what a potential mission may have in store for you. Do you want a fast ship to avoid enemies? Or maybe you want a large ship to haul contraband? Whatever it is, you can swap your ships at any time.

But ultimately, you can change your ship whenever you want. Maybe you got a new ship and you want to take it for a spin. In that case, visit any Ship Services Technician and make the switch.

Just ensure you’re checking at your ship’s inventory and using it to your advantage. It can hold all of the resources you’re walking around with. Storing your items in your ship is the best way to free up your inventory space and avoid being encumbered.

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