How to Summon Nightmare Echo of Varshan in Diablo 4 Season 2

The Malignant source only went into hiding

Nightmare Echo of Varshan Diablo 4
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Five bosses have been added to Diablo 4 in the Season of Blood, and each one has its own requirements you need to meet before facing them in their own arena. The Nightmare Echo of Varshan is the easiest, but it’s a process that I’m here to clear up.

Where to Find the Nightmare Echo of Varshan in Diablo 4 Season 2

You can find the Nightmare Echo of Varshan in the Malignant Burrow lair beneath the Tree of Whispers in Hawezar. When you take the Waypoint to the Tree of Whispers, per usual, you will find the lair directly to the left of the giant tree. Walk up to the burrow and jump down into the lair.

Malignant Burrows Diablo 4
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The lair itself is really only a small tunnel that leads to a boss room. As long as you have the parts required for a summon, there’s no need to go searching. Varshan awaits his offering before you can attack.

How to Summon Nightmare Echo of Varshan in Diablo 4

To summon the Nightmare Echo of Varshan in the Malignant Burrow, you need one Blackened Femur, one Trembling Hand, and one Gurgling Head. These items get placed in your consumables inventory, and you can place them on the Malignant Altar in the burrow. Once you place all three items, the fight begins.

Diablo 4 Malignant Altar
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If you still need some parts, you can complete Whispers for more Whisper Caches or farm spots like Blood Harvests. A Malignant Heart icon will occasionally appear on the map, and an enemy will rise from the ground. These enemies tend to drop body parts for Varshan. While you’re in the Blood Harvest, completing Whispers is much faster, so I suggest farming these events if you want to face Varshan.

How to Summon Uber Nightmare Echo of Varshan in Diablo 4

The same ingredients are required if you want to summon the Uber variant of Varshan, but there are two differences. All the requirements are below.

  • One Blackened Femur
  • One Trembling Hand
  • One Gurgling Head
  • One Malignant Heart
  • World Tier IV Required

Malignant Hearts are found in the exact same way as the other parts. You can farm Whisper Caches or take part in Blood Harvests. And once you have all four parts in World Tier 4, just head to the same Malignant Burrow.

Once Varshan is down, learn how you can get Living Steel in Diablo 4 for another boss grind.

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