How to Split Items in Marauders

Splitting the loot and resources

How to Split Items in Marauders

Our favorite space-heist simulation, Marauders, is a co-op game with extraction mechanics that launched on Steam on October 3. If you’ve already assembled a team of your friends for looting and shooting in Marauders, you’re probably wondering how some of the basic mechanics of item management work. The user interface could certainly be improved to be more user-friendly, but to find out how to split items in Marauders, check out our guide below.

How to Split Items in Marauders

When you collect many of the same items, like in many other games, they will create stacks after a certain amount. In order to break the stacks into smaller stacks or individual items, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Left-click on the item you want to split up.
  2. Drag the item to a new slot in your inventory.
  3. While dragging the item, press CTRL (left) and a pop-up prompt for splitting the item will appear.
  4. Select how many items you want to separate from the stack by using the slider.
  5. Click the “Split” button below.

Now you know how to split stacked items in Marauders, which will definitely make item management easier for you and come in handy when sharing items during crafting. The method is not that difficult, it’s just not explained anywhere in the game, so we don’t blame you if you had to Google this guide.

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We hope that Small Impact Games will work on adding tutorials to the game, as well as on improving the user interface, which will have to be refined before Marauders finds its way to PlayStation or Xbox.

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