How to Spawn Warriors in Minecraft Legends

A warrior's life.

Minecraft Legends focuses on strategic RTS elements using Minecraft characters and aesthetics. While you don’t need to by an RTS expert to enjoy the game, there is a pretty steep learning curve, especially if you’re hopping into multiplayer against friends and random players. Plenty of mobs can deal massive damage, but non more than the Warriors. Here is how to spawn Warriors in Minecraft Legends.

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How to Spawn Warriors in Minecraft Legends

Warriors are a late-game mob that players can spawn to deal incredible amounts of damage to Piglins and the enemy base. These axe-wielding villagers run towards enemies with no fear in their hearts and no thoughts in their heads.

Warriors spawn differently in the campaign and the multiplayer versus mode. Let’s talk about multiplayer first.

Warrior Spawns Multiplayer

To spawn Warriors, you will need first to build an improvement hub. After constructing an Improvement Hub, you’ll be able to specify which resources, such as coal, Redstone, diamond, etc.

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A Warrior Spawner requires Iron, Redstone, and Lapis Luzil. Redstone and iron gathered can be crafted and placed next to the Improvement Hub to obtain the ability to mine them out in the wild.

A Redstone Gatherer will cost the following resources

  • 600 Stone
  • 300 Wood
  • 25 Pristine Gems

An Iron Gatherer will cost the following resources:

  • 450 Stone
  • 200 Wood
  • 10 Pristine Gems

After building both of these and harvesting enough resources, you will be able to build a Warrior Spawner. Below are the resources needed:

  • 50 Redstone
  • 120 Lapis Luzil
  • 25 Iron

You will now be able to spawn Warriors.


In the campaign, Warriors are given to you in key story moments. So you won’t need to build spawners to obtain them.

They will also be given to you when your fast travel to different villages in the game.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to spawn Warriors in Minecraft Legends; for more tips and tricks, stay right here at Prima Games. If you’re having trouble finding iron in the wild, here’s where to find iron in Minecraft Legends so you can build those Warriors.

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