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How to Solve the Red Arrow Puzzle in Atomic Heart

Eat some diamonds, get an arm

by Daphne Fama

Tasked with finding Claire’s right arm, you’ll make your way into Burav’s hall. And you might likely find yourself stumped by the puzzle set before you here. Here’s how to solve the Red Arrow puzzle in Atomic Heart.

How to Solve the Red Arrow Puzzle in Atomic Heart

Heading down Burav’s Hall, you’ll face a two-tier lock, which doesn’t bode well for the future. Unlock it, and you’ll enter a room that’s brimming with Laborer or MFU-68 bots. Dispatch them all, taking care to deactivate the Pchela producer on the wall to your left. Otherwise, they’ll keep returning like a bad parody of Dawn of the Dead.

Head to the platform with the only interactable button and click it. The monitor set in rock above you will turn on, revealing a moving orange line and a diamond. It might tempt you to leave at this point and see if the blue rocks in the containers are the key to the puzzle. But the answer is actually much simpler.

This is a game of snake. Or should l say a game of Burav?

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Snake is a retro game where the aim is to move the snake around the screen and “eat” the fruit, or in this case, the diamond. When you eat a diamond, your snake grows by one segment, and the snake moves faster. But be careful; if you hit the wall or a segment of your ever-increasing tail, it’s game over, and you’ll have to start again.

In order to control the snake, console players will need to use their d-pad. PC players will need to use the arrow keys. Eat around five diamonds and the screen will shake. You’ve awoken the beast.

The Burav will spit Claire’s arm out at you, and you can claim it. But don’t think you’ll get off that easy. The room will then flood with robots, who you’ll need to dismantle before the doors open again.

If you still need to claim Claire’s left arm, this guide will help.

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