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How to Defeat Plyusch in Atomic Heart

Poison Ivy looks a little different in the USSR

by Daphne Fama

Atomic Heart doesn’t have many boss battles, at least early through mid-game. So, when you encounter the monstrous Plyusch, the fight can throw you for a loop. Here’s how to beat the Plyusch / Ivy in Atomic Heart.

How to Defeat Plyusch in Atomic Heart

As you seek Claire’s arm, you’re given one hint of where it might be: someplace red and warm, made of polymer. And guess who fits that description perfectly? The Plyusch, whose cell hasn’t been properly secured. This animated blob of polymeric muscles is implanted with a dog brain.

Naturally, the Plyusch, or Ivy, is quite fast. It stands primarily on two legs while lashing at you with its two arms, which extend a significant distance. It’s resistant to gunfire and shock but weak to fire and melee.

That means your weapons of choice are the Zvezdochka, Fox, Snowball, and Swede. The Plyusch moves quickly and attacks fast, so opt for weapons that don’t take too long to swing. Fox and Snowball move quickly but can lack power, so I opted for the classic Swede.

Plyusch has three attacks, two of which are power attacks. The first power attack is marked by two circles on both its arms. This means that Plyusch will lunge toward you, slapping aggressively with its tendrils. For its special attack, a giant circle will appear. This is the killer, literally. If you don’t successfully avoid this attack, the Plyusch will lift you up and try to eat you. You’ll need to complete several quick time events to avoid this fate. Fail, and you’ll immediately get a game over.

The only upside? You’ll get a cute animation on your game over screen.

The best way to handle Plyusch is to prepare yourself for a long fight. If you haven’t purchased Second Wind in the Character upgrade menu, now is the time to do it. Second Wind will give you an additional dodge charge, which is great. Morning Exercise isn’t a bad idea either, as it will help you move faster.

Fill your inventory with neuromed capsules. And if you have it, opt for Adrenaline Capsules too. These capsules will both restore your health and increase your dodge recovery rate for one to two minutes.

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When it comes to fighting Plyusch, note that Mass Telekinesis won’t work. He’ll stay rooted to the ground. And while shock is one element it’s resistant to, it has a very significant function. It can interrupt the Plyusch’s attacks and temporarily stun him. Use shock to get in hits or to stop a big, killer attack where possible.

The Plyusch is fast, but it moves in a straight line when it lunges. Reduce the amount of damage you take by always dodging to the side. And once you’ve successfully dodged an attack, turn around to absolutely pummel the Plyusch’s back. The Plyusch’s missed lunges are the biggest opportunity to do damage, and you should take advantage of it every time you can. But don’t get greedy and linger by it too long. It will turn around and smack you.

This fight is defined by dodge and shock economy and your ability to time Plyusch’s lunges and know where it will land. Once you have these three handled, you should be able to whittle down Plyusch’s health bar (at the top of the screen).

Good luck culling that plant and prying Clair’s arm out of its stomach.

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