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How to Solve the Mochi Mystery in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Lay down the judgment as samurai detective!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Solve the Mochi Mystery in Like a Dragon Ishin Answered

Mochi Mystery is a Like a Dragon: Ishin substory that becomes available immediately at the beginning of Chapter 3, right after the Rakunai main gate opens. Like all substories in Like a Dragon / Yakuza games, this one also kick-starts automatically when you approach the NPCs; this time, it’s a group of people arguing over who stole Daifuku Mochi.

So, it’s time to channel your inner Takayuki Yagami because this detective work, regardless of the fact that it’s in feudal Japan this time, has more in common with Judgment’s side-story content. Gotta love the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio craziness. Anyhow, let’s find out how to solve Mochi Mystery in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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How to Solve the Mochi Mystery in Like a Dragon: Ishin

So, you need to find two suspects involved in this mochi-stealing crime! Start by talking to all five NPCs lined up for interrogation and listen to their stories. Here is what they will say:

  • Higashihara thinks Kitajima is a thief.
  • Nishiyama claims that stealing was done by Higashihara or Minamino, or possibly both.
  • Nakagawa says it was Minamino, and that Nishiyama is not guilty.
  • Minamino thinks Nishiyama did it.
  • Kitajima blames Nakagawa and Minamino.

After this, you need to accuse two of them. Who do you think did it? Well, the answer is Higashihara and Minamino.

After you accuse them, the two will immediately admit that they are guilty, and you will see the end of this story play out, which is not so dramatic. As these five characters are friends, they will quickly forgive the thieves for lying… and you will realize that you were just wasting your time with them. Nevertheless, for your detective troubles, you will get some small rewards: Virtue points and some material for crafting.

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