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How to Buy and Forge Weapons at the Blacksmith in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Feel the cold steel.

by Jesse Vitelli

Like A Dragon: Ishin has a crafting system where you can increase the power and abilities of your weapons and armor. You’ll need to do a few quests and other things before being able to access all the system has to offer. Here is how to buy and forge weapons at the Blacksmith in Like A Dragon: Ishin.

How to Buy and Forge Weapons at the Blacksmith in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Forging weapons at the Blacksmith will unlock at the beginning of chapter three. The game will introduce you to the Blacksmith and teach you the basics of crafting in the game. However, you won’t have all of the components you need at first. You’ll have to unlock different materials from Substories, main story quests, and finding them around town from pots and off of Ruffians.

Once you have the desired materials, you need to go up to the Blacksmith, click Craft, and select the desired weapon you want to upgrade. You’ll then be met with a Monster Hunter-style crafting tree. Find the weapon you own and see what parts you need to upgrade it.

You can then use one of the different hammers to increase the rarity and power of the selected weapon.

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You may need to buy the base weapons for certain crafting recipes. You can purchase base form weapons at the Arms Dealer in Rakugai. We’ve marked the image for you on the map below. Head here to get some of the base versions of the weapons you’re looking to craft into more powerful versions.

To upgrade certain parts of your smithing, you will need to enhance your level with the Blacksmith. You can do this by crafting and enhancing many of your weapons, but the fastest way to increase your level is by donating old weapons to the Blacksmith. You can do this by clicking the Donate button and giving him all of your unwanted weapons. This will increase his level drastically and unlock plenty of bonuses for crafting.

There’s plenty else to do in Like A Dragon: Ishin outside of buying and crafting weapons. Here are all of the fish you can find in the game.

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