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How to Get Money Fast with Chicken Racing in Like a Dragon Ishin

Run, Bakamatsu era Japanese chicken, run!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Get Money Fast with Chicken Racing in Ishin Like a Dragon

Although Ishin ditches the typical modern-day Yakuza / Like a Dragon setting for the Bakamatsu era of Japanese history, the essence of the game is still very similar – you will beat up a large number of people on the streets and nail them with over-the-top heat moves.

Many other traditional features of this long-running SEGA series are there, of course, such as a variety of mini-games, among which there are plenty of opportunities to gamble. God knows the Yakuza love to gamble, and it was no different even in the distant past. So, betting on chicken racing, yeah, let’s find out how to make some fast money with it in Like a Dragon Ishin.

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How to Get Money Fast with Chicken Racing in Like a Dragon Ishin

When you enter Rakugai in Chapter 3, the Chicken Racing mini-game will become available. Before starting the betting mini-game, be sure to purchase 3,600 Kifuda in the Chicken Race Arena; this is the money/tags for betting and it will cost you 36 Kyo. Before you start betting on Chicken Races, save your game. In Like a Dragon Ishin, you can save anytime you are not in battle so this strategy will involve a lot of save/load abuse.

  1. Start betting and go to the Dividend List.
  2. Bet 300 tags on everything. It is 23 bets in total.
  3. Start the race and hope for the best.

If you win, save the game and go again with the same strategy, and if you lose, just load the previous save and repeat the steps above. A successful bet can get you up to 50,000 Kifuda!

Also, when you earn a slightly larger amount of tags with this method, you can also bet smarter on just a couple of chickens that have a higher chance of winning – still using save/load abuse every time you fail, of course.

Time to Cash-in

When you earn enough Kifuda, go to the Gambling Dan and buy as many Platinum Plates as you can for 1,500 tags each. Then sell Platinum Plates to Ebisu Pawn and get Ryo and Virtue in exchange. Each plate will get you 3 Ryo, 7,500 mon, and 1,800 virtue – not a bad deal.

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