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How to Slide Cancel in XDefiant

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XDefiant might be a new entrant to the realm of first-person shooters, but mechanics like Slide Cancel will make players feel right at home. This particular movement mechanism has been a staple of many shooters, especially those with a competitive nature. Here’s how you can perform a Slide Cancel in XDefiant.

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How to Do Slide Cancels in XDefiant

While there are a couple of ways to perform this maneuver, it’s more complicated than simply pressing a single button. Instead, you’ll have to rely on a couple of easy techniques to cancel a slide in XDefiant.

  • When you’re sliding, simply aim down using the weapon you’re carrying. This will immediately stop the slide, but the procedure can be a bit jarring. Moreover, it can leave you in an awkward situation as you don’t carry any momentum going forward, and you might become an easy target for your enemy.
  • The better way to cancel your slide is by pressing the jump button. This method is better as your jump will have a better leap, all thanks to the momentum of your slide. Also, it can catch your enemy unaware, who might not be expecting that kind of movement as well.

Either way, both methods require a lot of practice to master. Knowing when to perform them is equally important, as canceling your slide at the wrong time could end up costing your life in XDefiant. Similarly, using the slide cancel at the right moment will help you outsmart your enemies and get more kills without being killed.

While Ubisoft’s new shooter is off to a positive start, it has suffered from server-related matchmaking issues. Several users have mentioned encountering the “Unable to Find Match” error while trying to start a fresh round. Hopefully, the developers will be able to sort out the issues with a few updates, and everyone will be able to enjoy smoother gameplay and matchmaking.

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