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How to Fix “Unable to Find Match” Error in XDefiant – Possible Fixes and More

Come on Ubisoft, not again!

XDefiant players were hit with the “Unable to Find Match” Error on the very first night of action, which infuriated many. While gamers are interested in Ubisoft’s latest team-based shooter, the inability to actually play the game will obviously make it harder. Here are some tips and tricks to fix the “Unable to Find Match” error in XDefiant.

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How to Solve the “Unable to Find Match” Error in XDefiant

The main objective is to prevent any problem that can disrupt your network. Here are certain potential fixes you can try if you encounter the “Unable to Find Match” Error in XDefiant.

  • Ensure that the servers are working: If the servers are down for maintenance, you won’t be able to start any form of matchmaking. Expect Ubisoft to conduct a few of them post-launch. A great way to check them is by following the game’s official X account.
  • Check for updates: Ensure that your game client is updated to the latest version. Several patches are expected in the coming days, so make sure to complete all your updates.
  • Verify the files: You can check the integrity of your local game files using the Ubisoft launcher. Sometimes, a few files might get corrupted, and checking their integrity will automatically repair any such instances.

What is the “Unable to Find Match” Error in XDefiant?

The “Unable to Find Match” Error occurs when matchmaking can’t take place for any reason. XDefiant’s different game modes depend on online matchmaking—whether you’re playing solo or with friends. Unfortunately, this simple thing has failed to happen for thousands of players and continues to create problems for many as of this writing.

Unfortunately, the servers seem to be at maximum capacity, which is causing many of the issues. Ubisoft has also updated the servers, and matchmaking was disabled during those times. Hopefully, the situation surrounding the servers will improve in the days to come.

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