How To Skip Puzzles In Spider-Man 2

Don't feel like doing puzzles? We can't blame you.

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Sometimes, you may not want to find out the exact workings of a particular set of molecules inside of a plant when you could be kicking some bad guy’s butt. Find out how to quickly skip over the puzzles you encounter so you can get back to the action quickly.

How To Skip Over A Puzzle In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

If you find yourself locked into a puzzle that you do not want to have any part of, skipping it is as easy as pressing a button. To bypass any puzzle in the game, press the Options Button to pause the game, and select the Skip Puzzle option from this menu. You’ll receive an instant clear, and you can head back into the heart of the newly redone New York City before you can get back to stopping crimes.

Sure, it’s an important plot point that Peter Parker is a scientist, but some of the puzzles in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 can be rather boring, especially when you could be exploring the world and doing different stylish tricks while swinging around. The EMF Puzzles are fun at first, but the fifth time you need to synthesize plant DNA can be quite exhausting, so just use the tip above to get back into the action.

No matter if you’re hoping to challenge the world with your new powers, or you just want to find out if Black Cat makes an appearance in this sequel, we’ve got you covered in our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 section below. Study up on our list of all the available suits, and be sure that you’re ready to look great to step these crooks when you arrive on the scene.

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