Is Black Cat in Spider-Man 2? – Answered

Is she going to steal your heart in Spider-Man 2?

Black Cat Spider-Man Remastered

Black Cat has always been a fan favorite of Spider-Man fans for a variety of reasons, so it’s easy to see why players would love to see her make a return in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Let’s find out if she shows up during the newest entry.

Does Black Cat Show Up In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

As Peter Parker’s ex-girlfriend, players have known about Black Cat and her intentions since Marvel’s Spider-Man, where she made her first appearance. However, as a fan favorite, she just couldn’t help but show up once again during the events of Spider-Man 2.

During the Miles Morales mission Make Your Own Choices, you’ll need to employ the help of Mary Jane Watson to help you track down Felicia Hardy, also known as Black Cat. You discover that she is searching for a magical artifact, a mysterious wand that can open portals to any place in the world. While they initially believe that she will use it for her own evil purposes, the true intentions are surprisingly out of character and show a true moment of vulnerability for her character.

We won’t spoil what happens next, but you’ll be happy to know that she makes her triumphant return in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, even going so far as to help Miles dispatch a variety of goons trying to stop her from achieving her goal. Maybe she has a bit of good in her heart, but only time will tell.

No matter if you’re hoping to utilize the massive number of accessibility features available in Spider-Man 2, or you just want to find out if you should play through the first game and its spin-off before jumping into this world, we’ve got you covered in our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 section below. Be sure to swing by so we can ensure that you’ll have the best journey through this game possible.

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