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How to Skip Cutscenes in Forspoken

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by Patrick Souza
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Forspoken is yet another story-driven RPG published by no other company than Square Enix, so it’s nothing more than expected to see a couple of lengthy cutscenes here and there. But this game racks them up to another level by smacking tons of dialogue into your face to a point that can be irritating.

The game’s already on the shorter side in length, but it still can be annoying to sit through all of that dialogue. Can’t we just skip them at once?

How to Skip Cutscenes in Forspoken

You can skip cutscenes by pausing the game by pressing ESC on PC or the Options button next to your touchpad. Select “Skip,” and there you go. It will probably make this already short game even quicker. The constant jabber can be annoying sometimes, but there are a few pearls of dialogue to be found in it. It can (and probably will) get old quickly, but I’m sure you’ll still have a laugh or two from a joke here and there.

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If the Cuff’s your main problem, there’s actually a quick solution for that. You can disable its constant blabbering in the Settings menu. Open the Accessibility Menu option and scroll all the way down until you find “Cuff Settings.” Set Cuff Chat Frequency to “Minimal” and it will stop commenting on every single step you take.

This doesn’t mute the Cuff entirely, as it will still speak when necessary. This setting also doesn’t affect cutscenes at all, but it will help diminish that white noise during the battles.

If you’re still thinking about whether to get the game or not, take a look at our complete review of the game to draw your own conclusions. Who knows, it might be a fun ride after all.

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