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Lethal Company sell scrap items
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A successful career in Lethal Company means venturing out to obtain scrap items, defending yourself against dangerous monsters, and returning to your company’s home planet alive. Here’s how to sell items to make money and reach your weekly profit quota.

How to Sell Items for Scrap in Lethal Company

You can sell items by visiting your company’s moon through your ship’s terminal and setting each item on the building’s counter. After you set your items down and ring the bell, a mysterious shopkeeper will take your items, bringing you one step closer to completing your profit quota.

Below is a complete step-by-step to doing this:

  1. Head to your ship’s terminal screen.
  2. Type “moons“.
  3. Type “company” followed by “confirm“.
  4. Use the lever on the desk next to you to land on the company moon.
  5. Grab some items, exit your ship, and place them on the counter outside.
  6. After placing all your items, ring the bell and wait for the clerk to take everything.

Do not stand in front of the counter after ringing the bell. If you stand too close to it, the clerk will kill you when it takes your items. Back away a few steps!

Company Building Sell Prices Explained

The shop will buy at specific percentages depending on how many days you have until your quota’s deadline. The earlier you sell, the less value you will get for each item. Alternatively, if you sell on the final day, you’ll receive 100% of an item’s value.

Why is this the case? The longer you go with valuables in your ship, the higher your odds of losing everything to a monster after dying. While it isn’t too painful to lose some money from one death, having your team wiped out the day before your next quota is due is a brutal loss, and the game recognizes this by increasing its price percentages each day.

In other words, you should only sell items before the last day if you desperately need money to buy items. Otherwise, waiting until the price is 100% can be the difference between reaching your quota and getting fired.

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