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Lethal Company Announces Next Major Update and Release Date


Lethal Company has officially announced its next major update and when it’ll arrive in the game. Players have a lot to look forward to with this patch as an entirely new feature will be added, significantly changing the way people play the game. Lethal Company’s next major update titled Version 55 will be released on June 25, 2024.

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The patch introduces vehicles to the game, allowing players to drive in a truck and ram monsters over. This new delivery truck seems to be a way of transporting goods, keeping players safe as they traverse areas, and a new method of killing monsters and beasts outside.

However, this new vehicle is the only feature the title has teased within the official trailer. It seems all the smaller or less important changes will be revealed closer to release or on the day the patch arrives. For now, it’s good to speculate that due to the vehicle being teased, players might be getting updated versions of current maps or new places to explore since the truck will require extra space for it to be functional. Well, if it’s intended to be driven like a normal car outside.

But that’s all just speculation based on the trailer. To truly find out, players can wait until June 25, 2024 when Lethal Company officially launches its next major update, or whenever more information is available. Feel free to check the official trailer above.

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