How Much is the Apparatus Worth in Lethal Company? Answered

Is it worth the fear and chaos?

Lethal Company Apparatus scrap value and price
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Pulling the Apparatus out of an abandoned facility in Lethal Company can be a terrifying experience once the lights go out, but the scrap you make from it may be worth the fear-inducing darkness. Here’s how much the apparatus is worth in Lethal Company.

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Lethal Company Apparatus Price Guide – How Much is it Worth?

One Apparatus is valued at 80 scrap, and you can find them multiple times at different Moons’ facilities. Initially, when you pick it up, it’ll appear with “???” as its price, but bringing it to your company’s moon and selling it will net you your deserved scrap as usual.

Aside from its mystery price, it’s an otherwise ordinary object you can use to reach your profit quota.

Where to Find the Apparatus in Lethal Company

The Apparatus is a battery that powers a moon’s facility. You’ll find it in a room, occasionally surrounded by smoke, and can turn off the power to steal it.

Taking an Apparatus from an abandoned building will cause the lights to go out, making everything pitch black. However, beyond this, carrying it does not hurt you besides making you heavier. The safest way to handle this is to leave it until the end of your run so you won’t have to rely solely on your flashlight to illuminate the area as you search for more items.

Better yet, take a quick look around for a fire exit. If you’re lucky, you’ll find one nearby, allowing you to swiftly exit the building without any issues after the lights go out. Just make sure no monsters guard it, and be prepared to find an alternate route if you get unlucky and find a forest giant or eyeless dog nearby.

How to Sell the Apparatus in Lethal Company

Once you bring the Apparatus back to your ship, you can return it to your company’s moon alongside the rest of your goods and sell it for 80 credits, bringing you one step closer to meeting your profit quota. While it’s not enough to fulfill the entire quota alone, it can be a significant difference between a successful and failed run.


The company will buy items at different percentages of their values. For example, the company may buy items at 30% or 53% or 77% and so on. These items go up in percentage as the days pass, meaning it’s usually better to wait to sell until you get the best deal you can. You can wait until day three to sell your scrap for 100% of its value. This all depends on your playstyle, however.

To reach your company moon, head into your ship’s terminal and type “moons” before entering “company.” This sets your destination to your company, where you can exit your ship with your goods, drop everything off at the counter, and receive your money. Don’t stand near the counter that you place items on, or you’ll have a startling and unpleasant experience.

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