How to Charge Battery Items in Lethal Company

It's scary to go out there in the dark!

How to Charge Batteries in Lethal Company
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Quite a few items in Lethal Company are battery-powered, but unfortunately, the batteries don’t last very long. If you want to charge your batteries for your flashlight, walkie-talkie, and other cool electronic equipment, here’s how.

How to Recharge Batteries in Lethal Company

All of your equipment that runs on batteries can be recharged on your ship in Lethal Company. This is done on a wall charger. But mind you, this isn’t your regular 20th-century wall socket. It’s a wireless charger.

  • How to charge battery in Lethal Company
  • How to charge battery in Lethal Company

You will find this wireless wall charger next to the Terminal, between the Terminal and the clothing rack. Here are some short instructions on how to use it:

  • Equip the item you want to recharge (be it a flashlight, walkie-talkie, or anything else that runs on batteries).
  • Approach the wall charger.
  • Press “E” to commence the charge animation.

How to See How Much Battery Remains on Equipment in Lethal Company

While you have a piece of gear powered by batteries equipped, in the top-left corner, above your stamina and health indicators, you will see a yellow, curved bar and a battery symbol above it. The more you use your gadgets, the more you drain their power, so you should try and be more conservative with this resource, especially if your ship is far away.

How to Get More Out of Your Battery Duration in Lethal Company

If we are talking about flashlight usage, you shouldn’t use it unless absolutely necessary. Even in the darkest of hallways, you can quickly scan the hallway within a second, confirm that no dangers are looming from ceiling, floor, or walls, and ensure that it’s safe to walk for about half a dozen steps without falling through a hole to your death. When walking in groups, you can take turns using the flashlight and distribute the power consumption burden on multiple players. Make sure to recharge when you return to the ship to dump scrap.

Enough with the visuals; let’s explore the audio stuff in this game and find out what the Loud Horn does in Lethal Company.

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