How to Save your Ship Loadout in Sea of Thieves Season 7

It's my loadout and I need it now!

Any seasoned pirate will tell you – there’s nothing more fearsome than a good-looking Galleon heading towards your starboard. But beautifying your boat once meant heading to the ship customization chest and applying all your cosmetics at the beginning of every playthrough. Not anymore, says Sea of Thieves Season 7, as ship loadouts have been introduced to accompany all the new decorative options and features that come along with the new update. Grab a handful of gold and head to your nearest used-boat dealership, and we’ll tell you how to save your ship loadout in Sea of Thieves Season 7.

First-Time Buyers

Might wanna take a loan out for this one. Season 7 introduces the opportunity to purchase your very own ship, and is required to be able to save your favorite loadouts for them. From the main menu, after selecting your adventure and preparing to choose which ship to embark on, you’ll notice a My Ships tab – click that to be taken to the purchasing menu. For a hefty sum of gold coins, you can buy your own vessel to sail the seas with, unlocking further customization options such as naming and interior decoration. You won’t find prices this low anywhere else, guaranteed!

  • Sloop — 250,000 gold coins
  • Brigantine — 375,000 gold coins
  • Galleon — 500,000 gold coins

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Sea of Thieves Pirate Ship Name Generator
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Saving It For Later

Once you become the proud owner of a new ship, head to the ship customization chest where you’d normally apply your cosmetics on any outpost. Decorate the exterior and, if able, the interior as well to your heart’s desire. After you’ve finished, you’ll be given the option to save your ship’s loadout for a small gold fee – provided you have some left after your last purchase. Your newly customized ship will persist through all your future playthroughs, including all scratches and scuffs suffered throughout your adventures. First impressions are everything, so you can choose to repair your ship to retain that pristine image, or wear your battle scars with pride as a warning to any would-be raiders looking for an easy catch.

Sea of Thieves Season 7 is a free update available now to all players. With plenty of new adventures and features included, there’s no time to waste decorating your ship each time you begin your playthrough. Raise the anchor and drop the sails – adventure awaits.

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