All New Ship Personalization Options in Sea of Thieves Season 7

Sailing in style.

Sea of Thieves Season 7 has washed ashore, and with it comes new ways to personalize your aquatic vessels with all the precious booty you and your crew return with. Originally announced during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, Season 7 allows captains to formally own their ships, unlocking new options to name them, save and swap loadouts, further decorate the interior, and more. Here are all the new ship personalization options in Sea of Thieves Season 7.

Purchasing Your First Ship in Sea of Thieves

Grab your crew and prepare the shanties, because this is a cause for celebration. For a pile of gold or two, you can now buy your very own ship, which is necessary to unlock the deeper customization options available in Season 7. If you’re swimming in a sea of gold coins, you can even own one of each size for the following amounts:

  • Sloop — 250,000 gold coins
  • Brigantine — 375,000 gold coins
  • Galleon — 500,000 gold coins

Your new ship, along with all further customization and damages that come along the way, will remain persistent each time you start the game.

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What’s In A Name?

Image via Rare

After purchasing your ship, the first step every captain should take is to give her a name. Make sure it’s something you love and watch the typos because renaming your ships will cost you $4.99 USD each time through the purchase of a Ship Renaming Deed. Once you’ve settled, you and other players will see your ship’s glorious namesake engraved on a plaque up on the deck.

Sail A Mile In My Boots

Season 7 also introduces a new Milestone system, tracking the various accomplishments you and your crew earn. Highlights such as how many days you’ve spent at sea, how many times you’ve repaired your ship, and more will reward you with trinkets and decorations to spruce up your cabins. Customize your boat’s interior by swapping the Captain’s bed and other furniture, adding portraits to the walls, and displaying shiny doodads on the shelves so that would-be thieves can stop and admire your natural interior decoration skills.

Image via Rare
Image via Rare

Make sure to save your ship’s loadout after you’re done so that all your hard work persists through your future playthroughs.

Grog Tastes Better With You

Sea of Thieves Season 7 is now live as a free update for all players. Grab your crew, fill your tankards to the brim, and set sail towards all the new adventures and features that await you over the deep blue.

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