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How to Save your Game in Dead Island 2


by Nikola L
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Game saving has been a part of the gaming culture for many decades, no matter which gaming platform we are discussing. Saving your game is one of the freedoms that gamers have retained, allowing you to play out things differently if you do not like the outcome of some of your actions. Naturally, you may be wondering how to save your game in Dead Island 2, and Prima Games is ready to tell you about the game-saving process in our guide below.

How Does Game Saving Work in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 has a save system that saves your game automatically, like most video games nowadays. As usual, when your game state saves, you will get a notification in the corner of the screen. This happens from time to time, sometimes depending on what you are doing in-game, but the community is generally happy with the frequency of autosave.

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However, the question of this article is if you can save your game manually in Dead Island 2, so let’s get back to that.

Can you Save Your Game Manually in Dead Island 2?

You probably remember saving the game every minute or so, just so that you don’t end up in trouble and lose some important progress in your game, and perhaps you accidentally quick saved just half a second before getting killed, locking yourself permanently. This is why I do not like quick saves personally, and I am guilty of stockpiling hundreds of save game files in my games because I double-save “just in case”. None of this is possible in Dead Island 2 at the moment, sadly.

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The option to save your game manually in Dead Island 2 is not possible at this moment. “At this moment” is just wishful thinking about the future on my end.

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Will Manual Save Game be Added to Dead Island 2?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of people who just want to use a video game as relaxation therapy (yeah, we’ll call it that) and cause mayhem in the virtual world after saving their state, before loading the game and resuming normal behavior. I mean, look at these two memes.

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We can hope that the Dead Island 2 development team might add a manual save for Dead Island 2 in the future, but unfortunately, there is no confirmation about the intent of this feature in the future of DI2. If the situation changes, we’ll report on it. That’s all for this article. We welcome you to our Dead Island 2 tag below, where you can get more amazing Dead Island 2 content that we produce, and also, our Prima Games YouTube channel, where we also post Dead Island 2 content.

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