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Soulslike games tend to be harsh and unforgiving, so keeping an updated save file at all times is important to avoid losing any type of progress you eventually manage to make after hours beating your head against a wall (or a really hard boss, in that case). This is the case in Lords of the Fallen, so here’s how you can save your game to keep your crusade going.

How to Save Your Game in Lords of the Fallen

In classic fashion for the genre, Lords of the Fallen saves automatically every time you do an important action. So every time you find an item on the floor in a difficult-to-reach area or get rid of all enemies in front of you, you can breathe easily as this progress will be retained. You don’t necessarily have to touch a Vestige or other checkpoints to do it.

You cannot manually save your game, but certain actions will force that to happen just as we mentioned above. One of them will be touching a checkpoint, for example. You don’t need to Rest or do anything else (but you probably should, the overworld’s hard).

You can check your most recent progress save by opening the menu and exiting the game in the Quit tab. Your last save time will be displayed, which should probably be a few seconds ago.

This can (and will) also work against your favor, of course. You can’t cheese the game out with things like closing it before you lose your Vigor as the game will return you to that dangerous/no-escape-from-death point as soon as you load back.

So be careful with every one of your choices since it could mean losing tons of currency in a minute if you’re not careful. And you’ll probably need those to get some extra upgrades to your lamp or your healing items.

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