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How to Romance Genji in Overwatch Dating Sim Loverwatch

The perfect man to have existential crises with

by Daphne Fama

Loverwatch, Overwatch 2’s official (but non-canon) dating sim has made its grand debut one day before Valentine’s Day. This surreal dating sim gives players the opportunity to take their maladaptive daydreaming and self-insert fanfiction to the next level. And by that, I mean I mean you can actually date Mercy or Genji. And if robot ninjas with dark pasts are your thing, here’s how to romance Genji in Overwatch Dating Sim, Loverwatch.

How to Romance Genji in Overwatch Dating Sim Loverwatch

You’ll have the opportunity to choose Genji the moment your eyes adjust in the Laff Attic. Do so, and you’ll see Genji. I can’t say I’m surprised to see him here. Once you realize who it is, you’ll have a chance to determine your feelings. And since this is a romance guide, choose love-struck.

But sometimes, feelings just aren’t enough. You have a terrible track record with love, and if left to your own devices, your Genji daydreams will stay just that — dreams. But don’t worry, you’re not doing this alone. The pastel pink prince of passion, Hanzo Cupid, is here! And he’s going to teach you how to seduce his brother.

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Cupid will ask if you’re in love. You can accuse him of being Hanzo, which is fun, but you’ll still get the same options. Answer, I think so! He’ll then ask you if you want to win the heart of Genji. Say, Yes, I want to win the heart of Genji! That was your last chance to back out and pick Angela.

But Cupid warns you that Genji can be a little… difficult. Which is rich, coming from the older Shimada brother. Chide him and say, Yeesh. You’re being really judgmental for a vessel of love, or whatever. Cupid will snap back and tell you that you have poor taste in men.

Approach Genji and say … I really like your outfit. Genji will appreciate the compliment. He’ll then say your name reminds him of a game. Tell him I love that game! And you’ll go into a spiel about how you were named after it. Genji will then tell you that he was named after The Tale of Genji. He’ll then invite you to sit down.

Hanzo will tell you to go perform on stage. Approach the command enthusiastically with Okay, here I go! Now, you just have to be funny. Choose to tell a joke about cyborgs or ninjas. Both apply to him, and he’ll like them. He’ll compliment you and you should tell him making you laugh was the goal.

He’ll then blush, which I didn’t know was possible, and invite you on another date! Cupid will then update you on how well you’ve done. If you’ve followed this guide, he’ll tell you it couldn’t have gone better. Now, on to the second date!

Café Azur Date Answers for Genji in Loverwatch

Genji will be waiting for you, wearing precisely the same thing he wore last night. But it’s not like he can sweat, so maybe it’s fine? Tell Hanzo If I owned a hoodie that cool, I’d wear it every chance I got.

Genji will ask you how your journey here was. Tell him I had lots of time for gaming. Next, you’ll order food. Choose Genji’s Favorite Food, Rikimaru Ramen. Yes, we’re ordering cup ramen at a 5-Star Ramen. But Genji will love it.

You’ll briefly leave the table, but when you return, Genji is upset. Ask him is everything okay? He’ll then disclose that someone at the restaurant recognized him from back when he was a member of Blackwater, the criminal organization.

Comfort him and say I’m so sorry, Genji. You’ll then need to reassure him. Reach out and hold his hand. This will give you a shower of hearts. The date will continue issue free and things seem to be roses. Genji will then ask you on another date, but this time he wants to take you some place special.

Anywhere that’s special to you is special to me, is the right answer. He’ll invite you to Nepal, a place that’s full of meaning to him. Ask, What’s in Nepal? Genji will hint at some of his backstory, then leave.

Cupid will then give you your progress report. We’d really have to botch our love affair with Genji now.

Nepal Date Answers for Genji in Loverwatch

Hanzo will give you a pep talk, and it won’t matter what you respond with. He’ll then hint at a secret Cupid path…

You’ll reach the summit, and Genji will ask you how the hike was. Tell him It was worth it here to be with you. Yeah, there’s a missing word. But it’s Blizzard’s missing word, not mine. He’ll take you to his old living space, and you’ll meet his Master, Zenyatta!

Greet Zenyatta by giving him a fist bump. Nice. The answers don’t really affect anything, but this is easily the best option. 

Unfortunately, Genji then hits you with a philosophical question: Can one truly know their true self? Respond with I’m not sure, but you can try.

Genji will then offer either love or friendship to you. And because this is a romance guide, we’re going all the way. Accept Genji’s Love. Congratulations!

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Now, head to the title screen to redeem your reward. For seducing Genji you’ll get Genji’s Peace icon, title, and highlight intro. But it may take up to 48 hours for these items to appear!

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