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How to Respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft (Java and Bedrock)

One of these days, I will raise a baby Ender Dragon, I swear it!

It truly is not fair that we are not allowed to have a baby Ender Dragon in Minecraft. Especially if they are going to give us an Egg of all things. But this article is not about that, we are here to talk about how to respawn the Ender Dragon. Because murdering it once was not enough. 

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How to Respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

Image from Minecraft Wiki Ender Dragon Entry

Now the Ender Dragon does drop many a thing, including 12,000 EXP points and, of course, the Ender Dragon Egg. An Egg that is difficult to collect without breaking and can be used as a Trophy of sorts. Since we cannot raise it. The other item that the Ender Dragon is a Nether Star, which has many uses. All in all, battling the Ender Dragon, especially when with advanced weaponry and better techniques makes it all the easier. So how do you get the Ender Dragon back?

Whenever you defeat the Ender Dragon, the bedrock structure that it often took sanctuary at to restore its health will then turn into an Exit Portal separate from the space that you used to get to The End when you first teleport there. It is here that you will place down four separate End Crystals on the ends of the Exit Portal or the points of each corner as seen in the image below.

Doing so will cause a series of explosions and respawn the Ender Dragon, and the End Crystals on their towers along with the cages with which to protect them from destruction. And the battle begins again. The Ender Dragon can be spawned as many times as you have plenty of End Crystals to place down leading to a well-oiled machine of Experience and Nether Crystals.

End Crystal Recipe

Though, of course with all this talk of End Crystals, how on earth do you get them in the first place, especially four of them? Well, it will take a little trip to the nether and maybe a couple of well-placed arrows. Or perhaps you have much more impeccable timing than I do. End Crystals are made out of Glass, an Eye of Ender, and a Ghast Tear. While certainly not your garden-variety of ingredients, at least the Glass will not be too terrible or out of the way to get. 

The Ghast Tear is the next easiest item as it only requires defeating Ghasts to get them. Ghasts attack with explosive Fireballs, which can be used against them if the player can adjust their position correctly and hit them back at the Mob. Doing so just right will usually kill the Ghast in one shot. Otherwise, you can always shoot them down with arrows while dodging the fiery blasts. 

The Eye of Ender is a bit more complicated since it will require the drops of two different mobs, one from an Enderman and one from a Blaze. Enderman occasionally drops Ender Pearls, which normally allows for the player to teleport to the place it lands once thrown. It can also be used in many recipes, one of which is to be made into the Eye of Ender. The other item is Blaze Powder which can be retrieved from Blazes, a fun mob that is certainly no fun to get hit by. But with some Fire Protection on your armor and the ever-harmless but deadly-to-Blaze Snowballs, you will find yourself having a much easier time dealing with this unfriendly mob. Now, Blazes will drop Blaze Rods, but placing this in your Inventory or Crafting Table will break it down into Blaze Powder, the actual item that you will need for the recipe.

Placing the Glass in the shape of a lower-cased “n” around the Crafting Table with the Eye of Ender in the exact center and the Ghast Tear just below that, you will have made yourself an End Crystal. Now it is just rinse and repeat three more times and you will have yourself an endless way to respawn the Ender Dragon.

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