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How to Reroll Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Legends Arceus

by Nikola Pajtic

Mass Outbreaks are rather helpful in capturing rare Shiny Pokemon in the Hisui region. But how do you reroll Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? Here’s everything you need to know.

Can You Reroll Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Legends: Arceus? 

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Mass Outbreaks will spawn clusters of certain Pokemon species in an area, containing upwards of 10 in one swarm, making it the prime way to hunt for Shiny Pokemon.

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However, resetting Mass Outbreaks is not easy, and there are a few steps you need to follow:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is disable auto-save in the game’s settings.
  2. Speak to the villager at the gate in Jubilife Village. He will tell you about any live Mass Outbreak happening at the moment. Save the game manually. If, for some reason, there are none at the moment, go outside of Jubilife Village and return after some time to check again. 
  3. Travel to the area where there is an active Mass Outbreak. Tons of species of the same Pokemon will be there for you to catch and if you’re lucky, maybe even a Shiny Pokemon. The odds for you to catch a Shiny Pokemon regularly is 1/4096, while that increases to 1/158.2 in a Mass Outbreak.
  4. When you return to Jubilife Village, check if the Outbreak is still active. Save every time after checking if it is happening. If it isn’t there, reset the game and the outbreak will also reset. 
  5. To increase the chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon during an active Mass Outbreak, you will need the Shiny Charm, and a perfect research level will max out the odds at 1/128.49. 

Can You Reroll Which Pokemon Appear in Mass Outbreaks?

Yes, you can, and it is an easy task. Speak with the gatekeeper in Jubilife Village and go to a location without a Mass Outbreak. Change the time of the day by sleeping in the nearest tent. Then return to the village and speak with him again. This time, you are in for a new set of Mass Outbreak Pokemon. You can do this as much as your heart desires until you get a Pokemon you want to Shiny hunt.