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How to Rename the Wanderer in Genshin Impact

A new name, a new life (again)

by Patrick Souza

A nice feature added to Wanderer, formerly known as Scaramouche, is the ability to name him, something that players are forced to do as they progress through the Archon Quests from the same patch. This is a unique case for Genshin Impact as a whole as we were previously only allowed to name ourselves.

That may have caught some players off guard as the choice is sudden (although many already knew this was coming), and the game even makes a point of that choice being (almost) permanent. If you didn’t prepare beforehand, you can have another shot at it. There’s an easy way to change the chosen name, and it’s easier than you would imagine.

How to Rename the Wanderer in Genshin Impact

You get out of the “Inversion of Genesis” Archon Quest with a brand new name for your Scaramouche, but if you ever feel like this wasn’t the correct decision, you can always change it. Sometimes I wish it was that simple in real life.

The “An Appelative Stroke” item will be received at the conclusion of the quest’s events, and it serves this exact purpose. Open your inventory and use the paper and pen to decide what you’ll be calling the Wanderer from now on. The same previous restrictions are still applied here: You cannot use slurs and any of the names that he previously used are also out of the picture. You can get around that with some creativity, though.

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And remember – this is the last time (this time the REAL LAST) you can change his name. Different from the Traveler, you can’t choose another name for him unless Hoyoverse decides to give players another chance. And they probably won’t, because it’s already silly enough to imagine that the Traveler searched for him just to say that he changed his name again. That’s enough gaming conveniences for now.

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