How to Remove a United Colonies Bounty in Starfield

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A United Colonies bounty is one of the most irritating bounties to deal with in Starfield. I recently acquired a 500 Credit UC bounty by accidentally (and hilariously) killing a civilian with the Anti-Gravity Field power. I then discovered that I wasn’t able to clear it while in United Colonies territory. If you’ve run into a similar situation, continue reading to learn how to clear a UC bounty in Starfield!

How to Clear a United Colonies Bounty in Starfield

To clear your United Colonies bounty, you’ll need to head to an area that is outside of UC control. Your best bet is to access the Bounty Clearance kiosks at Neon or Akila City, as these cities are under the Freestar Collective’s control.

If you chose to go to Neon, fly to the Volii star system, make your way to Neon Core, and head all the way down the street to the Astral Lounge. As soon as you enter the Astral Lounge, the Bounty Clearance kiosk will be on your right.

Neon Bounty Clearance Kiosk (Image via Prima Games)

If you prefer to clear your UC bounty at Akila City, you’ll want to Grav Jump to the Cheyenne star system and land at Akila City on Akila.

After landing at the spaceport, head into the Hitching Post Bar which is just to the right after entering the main gate. Inside this bar will be another Bounty Clearance kiosk where you can remove a United Colonies bounty!

Akila City Bounty Clearance Kiosk (Image via Prima Games)

These are some of your best bets for removing your UC bounty as they are in protected star systems with low levels and a lower chance of running into hostiles.

If you’d like to discover more Bounty Clearance Kiosk locations for different faction bounties, click on the guide below!

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That’s all there is to it. Now that you know how to remove your United Colonies bounty in Starfield, it’s time to repent for your sins and make amends with the UC!

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