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How to Remake a Game in Valorant

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by Shawn Robinson
Valorant Battle

Valorant is a game that’s all about teamwork, positioning, and mechanical skill. Sure, you have abilities that assist you in securing kills, but the difference between a good and bad player in higher ELOs often comes down to mechanical skill. That applies to teammates as well, since you all need kills to succeed. In some cases though, issues at the start of the game can prevent this from happening. Here’s how to remake a game in Valorant.

How to Remake a Match in Valorant

Before we begin, it’s important to note that there’s only one condition where you can remake a match in Valorant. This is if a teammate leaves the game super early on, since playing a 4v5 is asking for a bad time. If this happens to you, then you can go into the chat and type /remake to start a vote to remake. Provided your teammates vote yes, the game will end and you will be put back into the lobby. From there, you can queue again as if it never happened.

Remaking a game can be useful for several reasons. As we mentioned, playing any match as a 4v5 is a recipe for disaster, with far fewer abilities and manpower to take down the opposing team. What’s more useful though is for competitive matches, where any advantage can be the difference between a win and a loss. If a teammate leaves at the start, you’re almost giving the enemy team the free win unless you’re all in a much lower ELO than you should be. The remake system lets that match not go through, so you don’t incur a loss over something completely out of your control. Hopefully, the following game won’t have a leaver off the start.

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