How to Recruit Simeon Bankowski in Starfield

A marksman with a keen eye for Spacers.

Starfield Simeon Bankowski
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It’s always nice knowing someone has your back, even if it’s from a great distance away as you infiltrate a Crimson Fleet encampment on some random planet. Here is how to recruit Simeon Bankowski in Starfield.

How to Get Simeon Bankowski in Starfield

To get Simeon Bankowski on your side, first visit The Viewport in New Atlantis. He’s waiting there for a ship captain like you, someone who can afford his fees, to hire him and whisk him off on an adventure.

And let me tell you, he’s worth the money. If you don’t typically travel with a companion, Simeon can help change your mind. He’s an excellent sharpshooter capable of taking down foes from afar to help cover your six.

Starfield The Viewport in New Atlantis
Screenshot by Prima Games

That said, his skills do come with a high price tag. If you want, like with other crew members, you can persuade him to take a lower cut. It’s worth attempting, at the very least.

Simeon Bankowski’s Skills

Sniper Certification2

Where to Assign Simeon

As Simeon excels at combat-oriented skills, like Sharpshooting and Sniper Certification, you do not want to waste him on your ship or working at an outpost. Instead, take him as a companion. Of the many named crew members in the game, Simeon offers one of the best combat-focused skillsets, making him the perfect guy to take into a POI.

If you can, equip him with a better weapon. A high-end sniper rifle, obviously, works wonders.

Can You Romance Simeon Bankowski?

Unfortunately, despite his rugged appearance and excellent fashion sense, you cannot romance Simeon Bankowski. There are only four romanceable companions in the game, and they’re all Constellation, so Simeon isn’t on the list.

Still, you can bring him with you everywhere and pretend, right?

While you have Simeon watch your back, we recommend recruiting Heller for an outpost.

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