How to Recruit Heller in Starfield

Recruit one of the first people you ever meet in Starfield!

Starfield Heller Ship Companion
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Perhaps some of the earliest crew members you’ll wind up within the game include Lin and Heller, which is fitting, considering they’re the first people you meet. Here is how to recruit Heller in Starfield.

How to Get Heller as a Companion in Starfield

To recruit Heller in Starfield, you must progress through the main story quest and tackle “Back to Vectera,” which unlocks after finishing “The Old Neighborhood.” In this quest, you will return to Vectera to track down Barrett, though it turns out the Crimson Fleet returned, and Lin couldn’t stop them from taking both Barrett and Heller, though the former had a plan.

Starfield Heller Rescue Quest
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Once you power up the computer system and find Barrett’s final transmission to Vectera, you’ll receive coordinates for where the Crimson Fleet ship went, which is a planet not too far from Vectera. There, you will find Heller and a crashed spaceship.

As it turns out, Barrett’s plan was barely that. It was more of a gamble, and it ended up with him captured once more and Heller bleeding out on the planet, stranded and alone.

You can help him, then recruit him here and now.

Heller’s Skills

Outpost Engineering3

Where to Assign Heller

With such a high rank in Outpost Engineering, which allows you to craft bigger and better outpost modules, Heller is best suited planetside on your best outpost. Furthermore, even though he only has one point in Geology, it’s a useful skill that helps pull rare resources from planets.

I typically assign him somewhere with Lin, as it feels fitting to keep the two together, and their outpost-oriented skills complement each other.

With outposts in mind, learn how to find your outpost in the deep reaches of the Settled Systems.

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