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How to Recruit Huang in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

One fish, two fish... three fish, four fish... any Wheel-Eye fish?

This guide goes over how to catch the fish necessary to recruit Huang in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

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How to Recruit Huang in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

To recruit Huang in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you need to first get the Bamboo Rod from him in Arenside, then catch a Wheel-Eye Bream and bring it to him in Hishahn.

Get the Bamboo Rod at Arenside

You’ll find Huang for the first time in Arenside after the time skip, early in the game. He will ask you if you like to fish. Answer with “Love it” to get the Bamboo Rod and be able to fish at fishing spots.

Begin the Quest to Catch a Wheel-Eye Bream

Continue advancing the main story until you reach Hishahn. When you can explore the city freely, you can find Huang in the southeast, along the water’s edge. Talking to him initiates his recruitment quest, and your goal is to catch and bring him a Wheel-Eye Bream.

Where to Catch a Wheel-Eye Bream

There are three places in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes where you can catch a Wheel-Eye Bream:

  • The second fishing spot in your castle town,
  • The fishing spot in the Seaside Cavern,
  • And the fishing spot on the overworld to the southwest of the Seaside Cavern.

Wheel-Eye Bream is a rare fish in all these spots. The easiest place to access is the fishing spot on the overworld, so it’s recommended to fish for it there.

You’re not guaranteed to find Wheel-Eye Bream when you fish at these locations, and because it’s so rare, it may take you a long time to find one (even upwards of an hour or longer). Don’t be discouraged if this happens—just leave when the fish run out and return to fish some more. It may be frustrating at times, but it’s necessary to recruit all the characters to get Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’s best ending, so it’s highly recommended you see this quest through to the end.

Once you fish up a Wheel-Eye Bream, bring it back to Huang in Hishahn to have him join your ranks. Once his quest is over, you can work towards recruiting other characters like Rody or Hogan.

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