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How to Recruit Hogan in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Buy low, sell high

This guide goes over how to through Hogan’s trading post quest and recruit him in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

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How to Recruit Hogan in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

To recruit Hogan in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you have to speak to him, and then make a profit of at least 50,000 baqua from trading post transactions. Note that you have to speak to him first, then turn a profit—if you’ve been buying and selling from trading posts before you speak to Hogan, that profit won’t count towards recruiting him. The only profit that counts is what you make after speaking to Hogan and initiating his recruitment quest.

With that in mind, there are two ways to proceed with Hogan’s recruitment quest:

Making a Profit at Trading Posts

Once you’ve spoken to Hogan in Twinhorne West, the game will start tracking your trading post profits. Hogan wants you to make a profit of 50,000 baqua before he joins you, which can be a bit confusing since different trading posts have their own buying and selling prices.

The following table lists the items that you should buy, from which trading posts, and at what prices, as well as the location where you should sell them to make the highest profit:

Item to BuyLocation to BuyPrice to Buy At (in Baqua)Location to Sell
DiamondWerne Village
Lower than 5,000Ardinale City
RugWerne Village
Treefolk Village
Lower than 1,347Impershi’arc
Hot Spring Black EggWerne Village
Lower than 400Treefolk Village
SilkWerne VillageLower than 875Twinhorne East
Chen Rock TeaWerne VillageLower than 700Hishahn
Tanned LeatherWerne Village
Treefolk Village
Lower than 500Impershi’arc
PerfumeTreefolk Village
Ardinale City
Lower than 373Twinhorne East
CornTreefolk VillageLower than 200Impershi’arc
Rock SaltTreefolk Village
Lower than 124Impershi’arc
GlasswareTreefolk Village
Ardinale City
Lower than 400Impershi’arc
Black PepperTreefolk VillageLower than 250Ardinale City
WineTreefolk VillageLower than 360Athrabalt
Pink CoralHishahn
Ardinale City
Lower than 1,212Treefolk Village
Crystal OreHishahnLower than 670Treefolk Village
PearlHishahnLower than 2,400Athrabalt
Foreign ClothesHishahnLower than 2,355Ardinale City
Ardinale City
Lower than 2,250Twinhorne East
KimonoImpershi’arcLower than 4,667Ardinale City
Tar StoneImpershi’arcLower than 800Athrabalt
CarvingArdinale CityLower than 2,500Impershi’arc
Leather ClothesArdinale CityLower than 1,000Werne Village
War ScrollArdinale CityLower than 3,333Hishahn
Trading Post Buying and Selling Locations in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Hogan’s dialogue will change to indicate how close you are to reaching the goal in a general sense, but there is no in-game number to show you your exact profits. If you want to keep track of your exact numbers, you’ll have to do that on your own outside of the game.

Do Not Trust the Arrows

You’ll notice upward and downward arrows on the items at trading posts. These arrows do not indicate that you are buying items for a low price in a general sense or selling them for a guaranteed profit. Instead, these arrows indicate that the item is at a lower or higher price than usual only for the location you are in. If a place usually sells an item for 800 baqua, it will be marked with downward arrows if it’s on sale for 500 baqua, but you may still be able to get it somewhere else for 300 baqua with upward arrows if it’s usually on sale for 200 baqua in that location.

This is important to keep in mind because if you sell something for a lower price than you bought it for, it will revert your progress towards Hogan’s goal. For example, if you have made 45,000 baqua in profit but then sell an item for a 500 baqua loss, you must now make 5,500 baqua in profit (rather than just 5,000) to make up for the loss you have endured. The 50,000 baqua profit is a very strict net profit you must make at the trading posts to recruit Hogan.

A Faster (and Cheesier) Method to Recruit Hogan

You can cheese the system by buying items from trading posts before speaking to Hogan. Once you speak to him, the 50,000 baqua profit goal will activate. The game didn’t count how much you spent on your purchases before speaking to Hogan, so you can sell everything you have and register it all as a profit. If you buy at least 14 Diamonds in Werne for around 1,200 baqua each, speak to Hogan, and then sell them for at least 5,000 baqua each in Ardinale City, you’ll reach the 50,000 profit goal with no issue. It will take a few trips, since the trading posts have limited inventory, but they will restock over time.

Once Hogan has joined your group, you can start working on recruiting another character with an exhausting quest: Reid.

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