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How to Recruit Reid in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Beigoma is life, beigoma is infinite...

The guide goes over the entire beigoma quest to recruit Reid in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

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How to Recruit Reid in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

To recruit Reid in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, you need to complete a quest involving the beigoma mini game. This is the longest, most arduous recruitment quest in the game, and it isn’t intuitive, either, especially at the start.

After you finish the required story content in Hishahn, Reid will appear in the western side of Eltisweiss, near the bowl for playing the beigoma mini game. After meeting Reid and starting the beigoma quest line, visit the house that used to be empty on the western side of town. Another recruitable character, Dr. Corque, will be there, and he’ll give you your first beigoma. Pick whichever you like, because you won’t be using it for long.

Reid will challenge you to a beigoma bout, giving you a chance to get used to the mini game. Afterwards, you’ll have to start challenging beigoma wielders, called spinadiers, to make your way up to battle the beigoma baddy Crash—except you won’t be doing this right away.

Put This Quest on the Back Burner Until You Reach Vilashnu

If you rush to challenge nearby spinadiers to try to advance Reid’s recruitment quest, you’ll find yourself unable to defeat anyone with your current beigoma lineup. There is a significant gap in the power of your tops and the beigoma of your opponents. While you will obtain better beigoma from enemy drops throughout your adventure, you’re best off waiting until you reach the optional dungeon Vilashnu before tackling this recruitment quest so you can get it all done at once.

After the story events in Athrabalt, you can find Dijkstra the Steeryn near the docks in Twinhorne East. Speak to him to initiate his recruitment quest, in which he will take you directly to Vilashnu. You’ll be able to return to this location after completing Dijkstra’s recruitment quest if you don’t get the beigoma you need the first time you’re there.

Waiting until you reach Vilashnu means putting the quest off until near the end of the game, but it will save you a lot of frustrating losses against generic spinadiers. Unfortunately, Reid isn’t a very good unit, so your main reason for recruiting him is so you can get Eiyuden Chronicle’s best ending, which involves recruiting every character. Fortunately, this means you’re not missing out by saving Reid’s recruitment quest for near the game’s end.

Get Three-Star Beigoma From Enemies in The Chelonian Goliath, Vilashnu

Once you have access to the dungeon The Chelonian Goliath, Vilashnu, you can start getting serious about beigoma. The three enemies here that drop powerful three-star beigoma are:

  • Azhdahag,
  • Earth Dragon,
  • and Nidhoggr.

The beigoma have the same name as the monster that dropped them. Each of these enemies share a weakness to slashing attacks.

Dr. Corque, who you will recruit along the way during Reid’s recruitment quest, has a support ability that increases the chance of a beigoma drop from battles, but you can still obtain the beigoma from these enemies without him. It’s highly recommended to start challenging spinadiers after obtaining the Azhdahag, Earth Dragon, and Nidhoggr beigoma. [badges – you could stack them all]

Beigoma Battle Basics

It isn’t clearly communicated in the game, but the tops’ elements and types can give you a slight advantage in battle. It isn’t imperative, but you can select your beigoma based on these factors.

In terms of elements, Water is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Wind, Wind is strong against Earth, and Earth is strong against Water. [just like in regular battle] However, types matter a bit more than elements when it comes to beigoma. The “Attack” type is strong against “Magic,” “Magic” is strong against “Guard,” and “Guard” is strong against “Attack.”

When your beigoma’s meter is full, you can press the associated button to execute a boost skill. If you find you’re just barely losing your battles, don’t activate your boost skill when it’s ready. Instead, wait for your opponent’s meter to fill, and then activate yours at the same time. This initiates a button-mashing duel. If you win the duel, you’ll deal even more damage to your opponent, which can help turn the tide of battle.

Defeat Spinadiers and Recruit Dr. Corque

Now that you have beigoma powerful enough to carry you through Reid’s recruitment quest, you’ll need to… recruit Dr. Corque. Find and defeat the spinadiers in the following locations:

  • Altverden,
  • Kyshiri Village,
  • Werne,
  • and Eltisweiss.

You’ll know the character is a spinadier if they’re next to a bowl-shaped beigoma battle board.

Defeating the four spinadiers above will be much easier with your team of three-star beigoma. After you take care of them, visit Dr. Corque in the same house where he gave you your first beigoma. Speak to him, and he will join your alliance.

Defeat Crash’s Lackey and Half of the Four Spintinels

To continue Reid’s recruitment quest in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, visit Dr. Corque’s new workplace in your HQ, southwest of your castle. Upon entering, Reid will challenge you to a beigoma battle with a set of two-star tops, nothing your three-star beigoma can’t handle. After you win, you’ll have to locate one of Crash’s minions.

Find Venom near the inn in Daphan Village. He’s with Crash and next to a beigoma board, making him easy to notice. You’ll have to defeat Venom in a beigoma battle, which will be a piece of cake with your three-star tops. Once you defeat Venom, Reid will appear to tell you about the Four Spintinels. Yes, the beigoma mini game has its own Elite Four.

Before rushing to challenge the Four Spintinels, defeat two generic spinadiers. The first of the Four Spintinels you’ll face is Thudd, the Earth Spintinel, and he won’t challenge you until you’ve defeated two regular spinadiers. Once you’ve done so, find Thudd in Arenside Village and challenge him with your three-star beigoma. Defeating him grants you another three-star beigoma to add to your arsenal: Earthsmack.

Defeat two more generic spinadiers, then meet up with the second Spintinel you’ll let it rip with: Zeph the Wind Spintinel, located in the Treefolk Village. Victory against him earns you the three-star beigoma Trinity Cyclone.

A Powered-Up Reid, and the Remaining Four Spintinels

After clearing out half of the Four Spintinels, return to Dr. Corque’s place at your HQ to challenge Reid again. He has all three-star beigoma this time, but your beigoma can handle them. You won’t get a reward for winning, but you will be able to challenge three more regular spinadiers, then Flowe the Water Spintinel in Hishahn afterwards.

After watching Flowe make quick work of Venom, challenge her team of three-star Azure Dragon tops. When you defeat her, you’ll earn one of your own.

Challenge and defeat four generic spinadiers, then make your way to Impershi’arc to challenge Pyre, the Fire Spintinel. Defeat him in a beigoma battle to add Galactic Flame to your lineup.

Topple Crash and Finally Recruit Reid

Pyre confirms that Crash is at the Imperial city of Ardinale. Defeat three regular spinadiers, then make your way to the beigoma board near the item shop in the lowtown area to see Reid and the Four Spintinels defeated by Crash. It’s time to take him out once and for all and put an end to this recruitment quest.

Crash’s four-star Devil of Destruction tops may look frightening, but your three-star tops can take them out. Devil of Destruction doesn’t have any element, but they are all Attack type, so use the Earthsmack you got from Thudd and some of your other Attack beigoma like Galactic Flame and Trinity Cycle in your lineup. Avoid bringing in Magic beigoma for this bout. Getting and winning duels will be the key to defeating Crash’s four-star tops, although if you see that his beigoma is close to falling, activate your top’s boost skill for a last wallop of damage.

Defeat Crash to get a Devil of Destruction of your own, and to have Reid finally join your alliance of heroes.

There are other four-star beigoma to obtain after clearing this quest, including a Neo Absolute Zero by defeating Reid after he joins you. There’s also an achievement for defeating all of the game’s spinadiers. But you may want to take a break from beigoma and shift your focus to recruiting other characters like Rody or Momo.

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